Business Accounts

Business accounts with Sell Us Your Currency can really help your business get the best return for any currency you may have picked up from business trips abroad or currency received from business sales or service transactions.

So if your business does collect currency notes for any reason whatsoever, we are sure we will have an option that suites your needs

Check our available FREE Business account packages below.

Company Business Account

Standard Business Account where the company gets paid in currency NOTES and needs to convert back to sterling.

This type of account is particularly useful for businesses that get paid for goods or services with currency. Get your business a great exchange rate for currency notes obtained from your business customers as payment for your goods and services. This type of account is also useful where your staff travel and often have some leftover currency to turn back to sterling.

Pay with Currency Business Account

Pay with Currency is a new and unique system which allows a business to accept currency notes for goods and services.

This type of account is a fantastic addition to ANY business. Not only is this a new payment option for your customers but you can also earn some extra income for your business.

This is a very clever but simple online system that will calculate the exact amount of currency notes to be taken for the value (GBP) of the goods and services you have provided. It then tells you exactly how much change to give your customer in GBP for the currency taken.

Offering this new service will increase customer footfall with foreign tourists AND your local customers as many people have left over holiday currency just sitting in their purse or wallet.

Best of all, it's FREE.

  To find out more or to join (instantly),

   please click the Pay with Currency logo (opens in a new window) 

   or go to


Ever thought of offering currency exchange to your customers? Run your own Bureau de Change with an Exchange Bureau membership.

This type of account is where a business wants to trade in currency (Bureau de Change) and doesn’t have a license. Businesses with high footfall or tourist interactions could easily see the extra profit running their own Bureau could bring.

To open your Business Account please give us some details below and we shall be in touch as soon as possible 
OR phone us on 0131 659 5769 if you have any questions.


Registration for a Business Account
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USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS are created internally. Usernames cannot be changed but passwords can.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL payments made by SUYC for returned currency shall be paid via cheque OR BACS payment payable to the Business Name, therefore a Business bank account in the Business Name MUST be available.
Once we have verified your business details, we shall email your Business Account details to your registered email address given above.
In certain cases, we may phone or email to confirm any details we require BEFORE we open your Business Account
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